Ventlab Inflatable Anesthesia Mask

Vent Mask™

Latex Free  |  Single Patient Use  |  Disposable  |  CE Mark
  • Superior ergonomic cushion design for an optimal seal with minimum pressure
  • Flexible body allows gentle, deep seating of cushion to face
  • Inflation valve adjusts cuff pressure for optimal seal
  • Ample nose bridge room for a proper fit
  • Centered connector port for secure gripping and easy connect/disconnect
  • Removable hook ring enables manual or head strap  application
  • Premium soft cushioned mask
  • Pliable, ultra-thin wall
  • Low-pressure soft seal with superior seating characteristics
Item Description Size PK
VR1100 Vent Mask Small Infant 20, 40
VR2100 Vent Mask Infant 20, 40
VR3100 Vent Mask Small Child 20, 40
VR4100 Vent Mask Child 20, 40
VR5000 Vent Mask Adult Wide 20, 50, 100
VR5100 Vent Mask Adult 20, 50, 100
VR6100 Vent Mask Large Adult 20, 50, 100