Hygroscopic condenser humidifiers (also called heat and moisture exchangers - HME/HMEF) from Ventlab effectively provide heat and moisture delivery/recovery for ventilated and spontaneously breath-ing patients. Available in a variety of sizes and shapes, Ventlab HCHs are compatible with leading breathing systems and come with or without filtration material.

Item Description Size PK
FH603006 Hygroscopic Condenser Humidifier, Round, No Port 22ID x 22OD/15ID 50
FH603007 Hygroscopic Condenser Humidifier, Round 22ID x 22OD/15ID 50
FH603010 Hygroscopic Condenser Humidifier Swivel 22ID x 22OD/15ID 50
FH603012 Hygroscopic Condenser Humidifier, Rectangular 15ID x 22OD/15ID 50
FH603014 Hygroscopic Condenser Humidifier, Angled, Small 22ID x 22OD/15ID 50
FH603021 Hygroscopic Condenser Humidifier, Straight, Small 22ID x 22OD/15ID 50
FH603023 Hygroscopic Condenser Humidifier, Straight, Small, No Port 22ID x 22OD/15ID 50
FH603028 Hygroscopic Humifier, Straight, Pediatric 22ID x 22OD/15ID 50