Ventlab ETCO2 Cannula

ETCO2 Cannula + Scoop

Latex Free  |  Single Patient Use  |  Disposable  |  CE Mark

End Tidal CO2 Cannula simultaneously delivers oxygen while capturing CO2. A series of strategically positioned holes deliver O2, and CO2 is effectively captured through the nares and scoop. This design helps lessen attenuation of the end tidal sample by oxygen dilution, particularly for mouth-breathing patients.  

  • Innovative design suitable for mouth-breathing patients
  • Dual nasal cannula simultaneously provides oxygen to both nostrils while obtaining CO2 sampling during spontaneous breathing
  • Designed to prevent mixing of fresh oxygen with CO2
  • 3-Channel tubing prevents kinking
  • Includes male/female adapter with luer lock connector
  • Available in three tubing lengths
Item Description Size PK Tubing Length
4707 ETCO2 Cannula Adult 25 7'
4710 ETCO2 Cannula Adult 25 10'
4714 ETCO2 Cannula Adult 25 14'