COVID-19 Response:

Customer Service: 800-421-0024

Hours: 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM CST

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Important Information Regarding COVID-19

Helping You Re-Open Safely While Being Prepared for The Unexpected

As a leading provider of respiratory and anesthesia care products, SunMed would like to recognize the valiant efforts of our first line workers in hospitals, homecare and EMS who have and will continue to fight the novel COVID-19 virus. Like you, we have had to adjust and refine our operations and supply chains to assure product availability as you begin to reopen and have sufficient inventory to address any fall rebound in COVID-19-related hospitalizations. In short, we are prepared and ready to meet and exceed your expectations.

Helping You Restart Standard Clinical Care and Procedures

We recognize the opening of medical care facilities is creating renewed demand for oxygen delivery, airway management and ETCO2 monitoring solutions. These standard products are now complemented with our CapnoVue Mask, an innovative ETCO2 sampling interface to safely perform endoscopies while reducing potential aerosolization.

COVID-19 Essential Solutions

Treating patients with COVID-19 and protecting clinicians is top priority for SunMed. We have increased supply of the products you identified and need to help treat COVID-19 patients safely and effectively. In addition to the largest variety of laryngoscopes and resuscitation bags available, we provide safe, easy -to-use solutions for intubations with our air-Q and Parker intubating laryngeal airways. Our 99.99% effective bacterial/viral filters provide added safety in resuscitation procedures, protecting clinicians from exposure to COVID-19. We will strive to overstock these and other products in lockstep with your current and future demands.

To learn more about how we can help support your medical treatments both during and after this COVID-19 crisis, please contact one of our Customer Care Specialists: 800-421-0024. We are ready to answer clinical application and technical questions related to all SunMed products.

If you have a medical emergency or are seeking medical treatment, please contact your physician or healthcare provider. Customer Service hours: 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM CST.


Products Essential to Treating COVID-19 Patients:

For information about particle size in relation to our filters: Particle Size Reference.

Ventlab BV Filters for COVID-19

SunMed Airflow for COVID-19


Products Essential for the Return to Medical Care:

Air-Q Intubating Laryngeal Airways

ETCO2 Sampling Cannulas/O2 Delivery Cannulas

CapnoVue Scope Mask