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SunMed, Salter Labs, and Westmed are now one company.

Welcome to SunMed

Dedicated to healthcare professionals since 1981.

Anesthesia and respiratory clinicians use SunMed products daily.

SunMed is proud to be an American company. We are an FDA registered, ISO-13485 certified manufacturer and distributor of high quality medical devices for use in hospitals and healthcare facilities worldwide. Our product family includes airway management, anesthesia, respiratory, resuscitation/ ventilation, diagnostics, oxygen delivery and surgical care products. In addition to the SunMed brand, Ventlab and Ethox Medical branded products are part of our family.

Located in beautiful West Michigan, SunMed’s headquarters include a warehouse and distribution center, production space, cleanroom, and administrative offices for over 140 staff. Our overseas facility is our manufacturing hub featuring even greater capacity. We are rapidly growing with new, innovative products that promote better patient care, and we are expanding our production capabilities to provide our customers with more manufacturing options. Serving the healthcare industry in over 40 countries, our global reach continues to expand to address the needs of clinicians worldwide.

We develop and manufacture our own products as well as partner with leading medical device companies to develop products that will grow their business. SunMed is truly one source for design, manufacturing, quality, and logistics for medical devices around the world.


SunMed Mission

Passionate and committed to the success of our team members, customers and suppliers, SunMed goes above and beyond to produce high quality medical devices. By being adaptable and nimble, we can effectively respond to the changing needs of our customers, suppliers, and the healthcare market.


SunMed Vision

We strive to be a preferred single source medical device manufacturer who says yes when others say no. We will be one step ahead for every SunMed customer and partner in order to support their success. And by providing the best value for high quality medical devices, we will positively impact the healthcare market, our team members and community.


SunMed Values

SunMed's success and customer satisfaction are the result of our leadership and staff who value the following:

Genuine Appreciation
Because our staff is our most valued resource, and the SunMed customer is our #1 priority, a culture of appreciation is paramount. With a caring approach toward all, SunMed leadership and staff are committed to creating a company culture rich in compassion and kindness. We recognize and celebrate achievement while encouraging growth and improvement of all staff. Also, we understand and appreciate the critical work of the anesthesiology and respiratory professional and how we can positively impact their standard of care.

At SunMed, every staff member is willing and ready to help where it is needed most. With a positive attitude, we work together to effectively and quickly respond to our customers, business partners and each other. We understand that teamwork is key to our ability to address the needs of our customers and the demands of the healthcare professional.

Quality and Continuous Improvement
SunMed is committed to the delivery and support of safe and effective anesthesia, respiratory and urology devices. We utilize a complete quality management system to ensure our products and processes are compliant and sustainable, meeting applicable regulatory requirements, standards and regulations. A high-quality work environment and staff skill set are equally important. Fostering a positive work environment is important to us. We are committed to continuous improvement of our processes and staff; SunMed strives to provide opportunities for staff development and growth.

Dignity and Respect
SunMed prides itself on conducting an honest business, treating all customers, business partners and staff with dignity and respect. Everyone at SunMed has an important role to fulfill, thus everyone’s ideas are welcomed and encouraged. Our open minded approach enables us to remain flexible and responsive. We respect the role of our distributors and healthcare professionals who choose our products.

At SunMed, we understand the importance of maintaining a nimble operation to best respond to the changes of our customers and within the healthcare industry. This key behavior enables us to respond and develop solutions in a timely fashion. This approach also enables SunMed to consider new ideas, ways of doing things and innovative solutions. 


SunMed Customer Promise

SunMed will deliver the following to each and every customer, business partner and, ultimately, the healthcare professional who selects and uses our products.

We promise to:
Treat each customer with respect and kindness;
Strive to fully understand the unique needs of our customers; 
Provide timely responses and solutions;
Be flexible and adaptable to the changing needs of our customers and the standard of care;
Identify opportunities for our customers to succeed;
Supply high-quality, safe, effective and compliant products;
Build a genuine, trusted relationship with you.


SunMed Quality Policy

SunMed is committed to excellence and the highest level of customer satisfaction for all products and processes. We are committed to the delivery and support of safe and effective anesthesia, respiratory and urology devices through:

We are dedicated to providing the quality of excellence through teamwork, leadership, open communication and continuous improvement to achieve the company’s objectives and meet our customer’s expectations. Continuously improve the effectiveness of our Quality Management System that delivers compliant and sustainable products, processes and systems.

We will adapt to customers changing needs at all times in an environment of continuous improvement of high quality products and services.

We distribute products that are safe, reliable and in compliance with applicable U.S. and International regulatory requirements, standards and regulations.

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